About Us

Niwalker International Co.,Ltd was founded by a group of dedicated individuals who came together to build a company founded on the principles of providing quality service, competitive prices and expert knowledge for our customers. We are innovative to portable lighting design and construction. Niwalker International Co.,LTD. began innovative flashlights design and construction from 2005 to meet almost any needs for OEM and ODM customers globally. The fast growing LED technology and our 20 years of CNC technical knowledge as background helped Niwalker`s R & D team move forward in flashlight development. Niwalker flashlights are manufactured with quality and performance as our first priority.

 Niwalker is one of the brand of Technomate members, it is a leading professional portable LED lighting tool manufacturer integrates professional R&D team and a thousand workers and also owns the latest testing lab in the industry. Niwalker products are made with military standards, ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities, camping, hunting, diving and cycling etc. We are committed to creating innovation products with maximum value for customers all over the world.