To potential dealers

We welcome dealers to inquiry from every corner of the world. BUT keep in mind that inquiring and buying samples for evaluation does not mean you are being approved by us. Please do not start any selling activity on internet. All dealers must stock our products. We do not/will not support any one who wanted to quickly move a few lights and trying to make fast money out of a sale. This kind of selling behavior is not allowed.

All kinds of selling activities on internet are accepted. (for instance: group buy) BUT please let us know the details first before starting anything, these kind of selling should be properly organized.

Getting Niwalker products from a authorized dealer will ensure you get fully supported after the purchase. We do offer 3 years warranty on all Niwalker products. We are still working on our dealer`s section. We encourage you to email or call us if you have any other questions.

Niwalker team